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2 Translation results for rope in Spanish

noun | verb

rope noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
soga, cuerda

Example sentences of
rope noun

  • Tie the end of the rope to the post.
  • She made a knot in the rope.
  • a six-foot length of rope
  • We used rope to tie down the furniture in the trailer.
  • The hostages were tied up with rope.
  • The veteran cop showed the rookie the ropes.
  • It will take a few weeks for new employees to learn the ropes.

rope verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
roped, has roped, is roping, ropes
amarrar, atar; lazar

Example sentences of
rope verb

  • The dog was roped to the fence.
  • The boats were roped together at the dock.
  • Mountain climbers often rope themselves together for safety.
  • He tried to rope the calf.

Synonyms of
rope verb

Phrasal verbs for rope

Reverse translation for rope

soga  - rope 
cuerda  - cord, rope, string 
amarrar  - to moor (a boat), to fasten, to tie up, to tie down 
atar  - to tie, to tie up, to tie down 
lazar  - to rope, to lasso 
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