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noun | verb

print noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
marca, huella, impresión; texto impreso; letra; grabado; copia (en fotografía); estampado (de tela)

Example sentences of
print noun

  • What is the print size of your book?
  • an exhibit of 16th-century German prints

Synonyms of
print noun

print verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
printed, has printed, is printing, prints
escribir con letra de molde; imprimir (libros, etc.)

Example sentences of
print verb

  • We printed 50 invitations before we ran out of ink.
  • The new machine prints 30 pages per minute.
  • Your tickets are being printed now.
  • a slogan printed on a bumper sticker
  • Your tickets are printing now.
  • This printer allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper.
  • They printed 10,000 copies of the book's new edition.
  • I'm surprised they printed that cartoon in the paper.
  • Her picture was printed in a magazine last month.

Phrasal verbs for print

Related phrases for print

Reverse translation for print

marca  - mark, brand, make, trademark, record (in sports) 
huella  - footprint, mark, impact 
impresión  - print, printing, impression, feeling 
letra  - letter, handwriting, lettering, lyrics 
grabado  - engraving 
copia  (en fotografía) - copy, imitation, replica 
estampado  (de tela) - print, pattern 
imprimir  (libros, etc.) - to print, to imprint, to stamp, to impress 
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