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perfect adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
perfect adjective

  • He drew a perfect circle.
  • She's a perfect baby. She hardly cries and she sleeps through the night.
  • His behavior is a perfect example of what not to do.
  • This is a perfect time to have a wedding.
  • Going to the museum was a perfect way to spend a rainy day.
  • “Is that a big enough piece of pie?” “Yes, it's perfect, thanks.”

Synonyms of
perfect adjective

Detailed synonyms for perfect adjective

Perfect, flawless, pure, ideal significan que no carece de cosa alguna, o que no tiene defecto alguno.
  • Perfect indica la solidez y la excelencia de cada parte, elemento o cualidad de una cosa, a menudo como un estado inalcanzable o teórico <a perfect set of teeth>.
    antonyms: imperfect, defective
  • Flawless connota ser falto de aún el más diminuto defecto <admired her flawless skin and shiny black hair>.
    antonyms: flawed
  • Pure sugiere ser completo e impoluto <pure nonsense>.
  • Ideal connota corresponder a una imagen mental de perfección <it was an ideal spot for a vacation>.

perfect verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
perfected, has perfected, is perfecting, perfects

Example sentences of
perfect verb

  • perfected the arrangements for their long-awaited European vacation
  • an art teacher who seems to believe that you can always perfect a painting with some additional brush strokes

Detailed synonyms for perfect verb

See: Improve

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Reverse translation for perfect

perfecto  - perfect 
perfeccionar  - to perfect, to refine 
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