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pay verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
paid, has paid, is paying, pays
pagar (una cuenta, a un empleado, etc.); valer la pena

Example sentences of
pay verb

  • Where do we pay to get in?
¿Cuál preposición sigue al verbo pay?
  • El verbo pay se seguido por la preposición for. For example: How much do I pay for this service? You pay for the goods after receiving them.

Detailed synonyms for pay verb

Pay, compensate, remunerate, reimburse, repay, remit, refund significan dar dinero o su equivalente a cambio de algo.
  • Pay indica la liquidación de una obligación contraída <we pay taxes in exchange for government services>.
  • Compensate indica el contrapesar los servicios o la ayuda que se ha prestado <she was always well compensated for her services>.
  • Remunerate indica más claramente el pagar por servicios prestados y puede extenderse a un pago que es generoso o por el cual no se ha contratado <promised to remunerate the workmen generously>.
  • Reimburse indica el devolver dinero que se ha gastado en beneficio de otro <the company will reimburse all employees for their expenses>.
  • Repay recalca el pagar el equivalente de lo debido en especie o en cantidad <repay a loan>.
  • Remit, un término formal, significa enviar dinero para un pago <please remit $500 as payment in full>.
  • Refund connota devolverle dinero a alguien por un artículo devuelto <he returned the defective radio and the store refunded his money>.

pay noun

unfavorite favorite

Example sentences of
pay noun

  • He has been suspended without pay pending the results of the investigation.
  • Each pay period begins on the first of the month.
  • Workers received a $4,000 pay increase.
  • I took a significant pay cut when I took this job, but I think it was worth it.

Detailed synonyms for pay noun

See: Wage

Phrasal verbs for pay

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Reverse translation for pay

pagar  (una cuenta, a un empleado, etc.) - to pay, to pay, to pay for, to repay 
paga  - payment, pay, wages 
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