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2 Translation results for pattern in Spanish

verb | noun

pattern verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
patterned, has patterned, is patterning, patterns
basar (en un modelo)

Example sentences of
pattern verb

  • Animals tracks patterned the mud.

Synonyms of
pattern verb

pattern noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
modelo, patrón (de costura); diseño, dibujo, estampado (de tela); pauta, norma, patrón

Example sentences of
pattern noun

  • The dishes have a floral pattern around the rim.
  • The fabric comes in different colors and patterns.
  • The rug is decorated with a geometric pattern.
  • The shadows made a pattern of lines on the ground.
  • They are studying behavior patterns among high-school students.
  • Analysts are noticing different spending patterns by consumers.
  • The trees followed a characteristic pattern of growth.

Detailed synonyms for pattern noun

See: Model

Reverse translation for pattern

basar  (en un modelo) - to base 
modelo  - model, example, pattern, mannequin, paragon 
patrón  (de costura) - boss, patron saint, standard, pattern (in sewing) 
diseño  - design 
dibujo  - drawing, design, pattern 
estampado  (de tela) - print, pattern 
pauta  - rule, guideline, lines 
norma  - rule, regulation, norm, standard 
patrón  - boss, patron saint, standard, pattern (in sewing) 
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