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2 Translation results for manners in Spanish

noun | noun

manners noun

unfavorite favorite
costumbres; modales, educación, etiqueta

Example sentences of
manners noun

  • Some people have no manners.
  • Someone should teach you some manners!
  • He forgot his manners and reached across the table for the salt.

Synonyms of
manners noun

manner noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tipo, clase; manera, modo; estilo (artístico)

Example sentences of
manner noun

  • She has a very forceful manner of speaking.
  • I objected to the manner in which the decision was made.

Detailed synonyms for manner noun

See: Bearing, Method

Reverse translation for manners

costumbres  - custom, habit 
modales  - manners 
educación  - education, manners 
etiqueta  - etiquette, tag, label 
tipo  - type, kind, sort, figure, build, appearance, rate, (printing) type, typeface, style, model, guy 
clase  - class, sort, kind, type 
manera  - way, manner, fashion 
modo  - way, manner, mode, mood (in grammar), mode (in music) 
estilo  (artístico) - style, fashion, manner, stylus 
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