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maintain verb

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maintained, has maintained, is maintaining, maintains
dar mantenimiento a (una máquina); mantener, conservar; sostener; afirmar

Example sentences of
maintain verb

  • They have always maintained high standards of professional conduct.
  • He has found it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.
  • The company has done a poor job of maintaining its computer network.
  • It was obvious that the house had been poorly maintained.
  • She was finding it hard to maintain her balance.
  • She still maintains a close relationship with her college roommate.
  • It's difficult to maintain a correspondence when we're both so busy.
  • The pilot was struggling to maintain control of the aircraft.
  • The police say that they will do whatever is necessary to maintain law and order.

Detailed synonyms for maintain verb

Maintain, assert, defend, justify, claim, contend significan el afirmar la veracidad, lo correcto, lo justo o lo razonable de una cosa.
  • Maintain recalca la firmeza de convicción, y suele connotar la afirmación persistente o insistente de una causa, y puede connotar un tono agresivo o impertinente <even in prison he continued to maintain his innocence>.
  • Assert connota la determinación de lograr que otros acepten la posición que uno reclama para sí <fiercely asserted her rights>.
  • Defend indica el mantener el reclamo que se hace frente al peligro o a la crítica <he defended his actions in the war>.
  • Justify indica el demostrar que algo es verdadero, correcto, aceptable o válido haciendo alusión a una norma o un precedente <threats to public safety justified these new police powers>.
  • Claim, contend connotan declarar que algo es cierto frente a una posible contradicción <they claim that the drug prevents hair loss> <she contends that the new law will only benefit the wealthy>.

Reverse translation for maintain

dar mantenimiento a  (una máquina)
mantener  - to support, to feed, to keep, to preserve, to keep up, to sustain, to maintain, to affirm 
conservar  - to preserve, to keep, to conserve 
sostener  - to support, to hold up, to hold, to sustain, to maintain 
afirmar  - to state, to affirm, to make firm, to strengthen 
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