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lonely adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
solitario, aislado; solo

Example sentences of
lonely adjective

  • He was lonely without his wife and children.
  • She was a lonely child with few friends.
  • It was lonely living out in the country.
  • She spent too many lonely nights at home.
  • She had a lonely childhood.
  • a lonely spot in the woods
  • a lonely stretch of road

Synonyms of
lonely adjective

¿Sabías esto?
  • Aunque lonely termina con el sufijo ly, esta palabra es un adjetivo y no un adverbio. Ejemplo: Making new friends is the best cure for a lonely life.
    Este adjetivo no puede convertirse en un adverbio, porque no se puede agregar otra ly al final de esta palabra. Además, la palabra lonely denota una emoción, por lo que no tiene sentido usarla en frases como in a lonely way. El adverbio que denota estar lejos de gente es alone. Ejemplo: Living alone is hard, so you'd better make new friends.

Detailed synonyms for lonely adjective

See: Alone

Reverse translation for lonely

solitario  - lonely, lone, solitary, deserted, lonely 
aislado  - isolated, alone 
solo  - alone, by oneself, lonely, only, sole, unique 
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