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lapse verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
lapsed, has lapsed, is lapsing, lapses
caer; decaer, desvanecerse; cancelarse, perderse; transcurrir, pasar; caducar

Example sentences of
lapse verb

  • After a few polite words the conversation lapsed.
  • Her interest in politics lapsed while she was in medical school.
  • She didn't pay the premium and her life insurance policy lapsed.
  • He forgot to renew his driver's license, so it lapsed.
  • She allowed the magazine subscription to lapse.

Detailed synonyms for lapse verb

Lapse, relapse, backslide, slip significan caer de un estado o condición superior o mejor a uno que es inferior o peor.
  • Lapse suele presuponer el haber alcanzado un alto nivel de algo como moralidad, modales o hábitos, e indica una desviación abrupta de esta norma o nivel; puede asimismo reflejar culpabilidad o una flaqueza grave, o a veces, simplemente una distracción <she had let her magazine subscriptions lapse>.
  • Relapse presupone una mejora o un avance definitivo hacia, por ejemplo, la salud o un estado superior, e indica una severa, y a menudo peligrosa, marcha atrás <after a few minutes he relapsed into silence>.
  • Backslide, que conlleva las mismas presuposiciones e indicaciones que relapse, se aplica de forma casi exclusiva a caídas morales y religiosas, y en contraste con las otras palabras, tiene mayor tendencia a connotar infidelidad al deber, a la devoción o a los principios que alguna vez fueron declarados <he had been a strict Catholic, but now seemed to be backsliding>.
  • Slip connota volverse más bajo en valor o cantidad <after climbing for two weeks, the stock market slipped to its lowest level in a month>.

lapse noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lapsus, desliz, falla; lapso, intervalo, período; caducidad

Example sentences of
lapse noun

  • He blamed the error on a minor mental lapse.
  • a lapse into bad habits

Detailed synonyms for lapse noun

See: Error, Error

Reverse translation for lapse

caer  - to fall, to drop, to collapse, to hang (down) 
decaer  - to decline, to decay, to deteriorate, to weaken, to flag 
desvanecerse  - to vanish, to disappear, to fade, to faint, to swoon 
perderse  - to get lost, to stray 
transcurrir  - to elapse, to pass 
pasar  - to pass, to give, to pass, to go by, to come by, to pass (a test), to come in, to enter, to happen, to go over, to cross, to manage, to get by, to spend (time), to tolerate, to be over, to end, to go through, to suffer, to show (a movie, etc.), to overtake, to 
caducar  - to expire 
lapsus  - error, slip 
desliz  - error, mistake, slip 
falla  - flaw, defect, (geological) fault, fault, failing 
lapso  - lapse, space (of time) 
intervalo  - interval 
período  - period 
caducidad  - expiration 
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