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noun | verb

issue noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
emergencia, flujo; descendencia, progenie; desenlace, resultado, consecuencia; asunto, cuestión; publicación, distribución, emisión; numero (de un periódico o una revista)

Example sentences of
issue noun

  • She is concerned with a variety of social issues.
  • Water purity is a public health issue.
  • The President's speech addressed a number of important issues.
  • The issue is poverty, not race: to talk about race is simply to confuse the issue.
  • campaign issues like education and defense
  • The case involves some complicated legal issues.
  • He should stop dodging the issue and make a decision now.
  • There's an interesting article on page 12 of this issue.
  • the most recent issue of the magazine
Cuando alguien dice 'we face a challenge' o 'have an issue', ¿se refiere a que tenemos un problema?
  • Muchas personas piensan que la palabra problem es desagradable o desalentadora y prefieren usar las palabras challenge o issue en su lugar. Por ejemplo, global challenges (problemas del mundo) o money issues (problemas de dinero). Eso dicho, challenge, issue yproblem no son sinónimos y cada uno tiene su propio significado.
¿Cómo se pronuncia la palabra issue?
  • En inglés americano, issue suena similar a la palabra shoe, con un sonido de i al principio.
    En inglés británico, issue se pronuncia /iss-you/.

issue verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
issued, has issued, is issuing, issues
emerger, salir, fluir; emitir; distribuir; descender (dícese de los padres o antepasados específicos); emanar, surgir, resultar; publicar

Example sentences of
issue verb

  • Each employee will be issued an identification card.
  • The Post Office will issue a new first-class stamp.
  • The company plans to raise money by issuing more stock.
  • The bank will be issuing a new credit card.
  • the bank's newly issued credit card
  • The king issued a decree forbidding all protests.
  • A severe storm warning has been issued.
  • The police have issued a warrant for her arrest.
  • A steady flow of lava issued from a crack in the rock.

Detailed synonyms for issue verb

See: Spring

Related phrases for issue

Reverse translation for issue

emergencia  - emergency, emergence 
flujo  - flow, discharge 
descendencia  - descendants, descent, lineage 
progenie  - progeny, offspring 
desenlace  - ending, outcome 
resultado  - result, outcome 
consecuencia  - consequence, result 
asunto  - affair, matter, subject 
cuestión  - matter, affair 
publicación  - publication 
distribución  - distribution 
emisión  - emission, broadcast, issue 
numero  (de un periódico o una revista) - number, issue (of a publication) 
emerger  - to emerge, to surface 
salir  - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
fluir  - to flow 
emitir  - to emit, to give off, to broadcast, to issue, to cast (a vote) 
distribuir  - to distribute 
descender  (dícese de los padres o antepasados específicos) - to descend, to come down, to descend, to go down, to drop, to fall, to lower, to take down, to let down 
emanar  - to exude 
surgir  - to rise, to arise, to emerge 
resultar  - to work, to work out, to prove, to turn out to be 
publicar  - to publish, to divulge, to disclose 
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