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improve verb

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improved, has improved, is improving, improves

Example sentences of
improve verb

  • This operation will greatly improve her chances of survival.
  • The advertising campaign has improved sales.
  • Maybe we'll buy a house when our financial situation improves.
  • Her writing has improved since the beginning of the school year.
  • The company has been having steadily improving sales.

Detailed synonyms for improve verb

Improve, better, help, ameliorate, perfect, strengthen, enhance significan hacer más aceptable o acercar más a algún estándar.
  • Improve, el término general, se aplica a lo que puede hacerse mejor, sea bueno o malo <improving the quality of medical care>.
    antonyms: impair, worsen
  • Better, más vigoroso y casero que improve, difiere poco de éste en su significado <helping immigrants better themselves>.
  • Help indica un mejoramiento que podría ser más extenso <a coat of paint would help that house>.
  • Ameliorate indica el hacer más tolerable o aceptable una condición difícil de llevar <efforts to ameliorate the lives of the poor>.
    antonyms: worsen
  • Perfect connota refinar o hacer mejor, y especialmente hacer perfecto <perfecting her technique>.
  • Strengthen sugiere causar que algo se vuelva más fuerte o más efectivo <holidays often serve to strengthen family bonds>.
  • Enhance connota aumentar o mejorar algo <enhance the flavor with herbs> <the image has been digitally enhanced>.

Reverse translation for improve

mejorar  - to improve, to get better, to improve, to make better 
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