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help verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
helped, has helped, is helping, helps
ayudar, auxiliar, socorrer, asistir; aliviar; servir; evitar

Example sentences of
help verb

  • Don't blame me: I was only trying to help!
  • Help! Somebody call the police!
  • She took an aspirin to help her headache.
  • Humor often helps a tense situation.
  • It's not much money, but every little bit helps.

Detailed synonyms for help verb

1. Help, aid, assist significan proveer lo necesario para lograr un fin.
  • Help conlleva una fuerte indicación de avance hacia un objetivo <helped to find a cure for the disease>.
    antonyms: hinder
  • Aid connota la necesidad de ayuda o de alivio, y por lo tanto imputa debilidad a la persona que recibe la ayuda, y fuerza a aquella que la provee <an army of volunteers aided the flood victims>.
  • Assist connota un papel secundario por parte de la persona que provee la ayuda, o un carácter subordinado en la ayuda <assisted the chief surgeon during the operation>.
2. See: Improve

help noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ayuda; personal (en una oficina), servicio doméstico

Example sentences of
help noun

  • He thanked us for our help.
  • I could use some help with the dishes.
  • We could hear shouts for help coming from the house.
  • He's been more of a hindrance than a help.

Synonyms of
help noun

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Reverse translation for help

ayudar  - to help, to assist 
auxiliar  - to aid, to assist 
socorrer  - to assist, to come to the aid of 
asistir  - to aid, to assist, to attend, to be present 
aliviar  - to relieve, to alleviate, to soothe, to allay 
servir  - to serve, to be of use to, to work, to serve, to wait, to be of use, to be helpful, to fill (an order) 
evitar  - to avoid, (informal) to steer clear of, to prevent, to escape, to elude 
ayuda  - help, assistance 
personal  (en una oficina) - personnel, staff 
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