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2 Translation results for hassle in Spanish

noun | verb

hassle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
discusión, disputa, bronca; pelea, riña; problemas, lío

Example sentences of
hassle noun

  • All this paperwork is a hassle.
  • They've had to deal with flight delays and all of the other hassles of holiday travel.
  • He got into a hassle with his landlord.

Synonyms of
hassle noun

hassle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hassled, has hassled, is hassling, hassles
fastidiar, molestar

Example sentences of
hassle verb

  • Other kids were always hassling her because she was overweight.
  • I'm sick of being hassled by telemarketers.
  • I don't have time to hassle with you about this! Just do what I tell you to do!

Detailed synonyms for hassle verb

See: Worry

Reverse translation for hassle

discusión  - discussion, argument 
disputa  - dispute, argument 
bronca  - fight, quarrel, fuss 
pelea  - fight, quarrel 
riña  - fight, brawl, dispute, quarrel 
problemas  - problem 
lío  - confusion, mess, hassle, trouble, jam, affair, liaison 
fastidiar  - to be annoying or bothersome, to annoy, to bother, to hassle, to bore 
molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
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