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gather verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
gathered, has gathered, is gathering, gathers
juntar, recoger, reunir; cosechar; fruncir (una tela); deducir, suponer

Example sentences of
gather verb

  • Give me just a minute to gather my things and then we can leave.
  • The coach gathered her players together.
  • She gathered her hair into a ponytail.
  • The child was gathering flowers to give to his mother.
  • The police are continuing to gather evidence relating to the crime.
  • Volunteers have been gathering contributions for the new library.
  • A crowd began to gather on the sidewalk.
  • The players gathered together to hear the coach's game plan.
  • The bicyclists gathered speed as they went downhill.

Detailed synonyms for gather verb

1. Gather, collect, assemble, congregate, cluster, flock, converge, meet significan reunir en un grupo, masa o unidad.
  • Gather, collect, assemble indican una unión u organización ordenada de personas que se ha reunido con un fin consciente o específico <a crowd gathers whenever there is excitement> <groups of students collected in the hall> <all the leading experts on aeronautics assembled under one roof>.
    antonyms: disperse, distribute, scatter
  • Congregate indica la concentración espontánea de personas, a menudo similares entre sí, en un grupo o una muchedumbre <under martial law, citizens were forbidden to congregate>.
    antonyms: disperse
  • Cluster connota el colectar en un grupo apretado <they clustered around the campfire>.
  • Flock connota recoger o moverse en un gentío <thousands of people flocked to the beach each weekend>.
  • Converge connota reunirse para unirse en un solo propósito <economic forces converged to produce a deep recession>.
  • Meet significa ir a un lugar acordado para estar en compañía de otra persona o grupo <we arranged to meet for lunch>.
2. See: Infer, Reap

gather noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
frunce, fruncido; recogida, recolección

Reverse translation for gather

juntar  - to unite, to combine, to put together, to collect, to gather together, to assemble, to close partway 
recoger  - to collect, to gather, to get, to retrieve, to pick up, to clean up, to tidy (up) 
reunir  - to unite, to join, to bring together, to round up, to have, to possess, to gather, to collect, to raise (funds) 
cosechar  - to harvest, to harvest, to reap, to win, to earn, to garner 
fruncir  (una tela) - to gather, to shirr 
deducir  - to deduce, to deduct 
suponer  - to suppose, to assume, to imply, to suggest, to involve, to entail 
frunce  - gather (in cloth), pucker 
fruncido  - gathering, shirring 
recolección  - collection, harvest 
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