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fraud noun

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fraude, estafa, engaño; impostor, -tora; farsante

Example sentences of
fraud noun

  • He was found guilty of bank fraud.
  • He was the victim of an elaborate fraud.
  • He claimed he was a licensed psychologist, but he turned out to be a fraud.
  • The UFO picture was proved to be a fraud.

Detailed synonyms for fraud noun

1. Fraud, sham, fake, counterfeit significan algo que aparenta ser cierta cosa en su naturaleza, carácter o cualidades, pero que en realidad es otra.
  • Fraud suele indicar una distorsión deliberada de la verdad, pero cuando se aplica a una persona, puede indicar simplemente fingimiento e hipocresía <"Hitler's diaries" were exposed as a fraud>.
  • Sham se aplica a una imitación exacta, pero fraudulenta, de una cosa o acción genuina <condemned the election as a sham>.
  • Fake indica una imitación o una sustitución de algo genuino, pero sin indicar necesariamente un motivo deshonesto <she owned valuable jewelry but usually wore fakes>.
  • Counterfeit se aplica particularmente a una imitación exacta de algo valioso <all the $20 bills were counterfeits>.
2. See: Deception

Reverse translation for fraud

fraude  - fraud 
estafa  - swindle, fraud 
engaño  - deception, trick, fake, feint (in sports) 
impostor  - impostor 
farsante  - charlatan, fraud, phony 
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