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figure noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
numero, cifra; precio; figura, personaje; tipo, físico

Example sentences of
figure noun

  • Are you sure of your figures?
  • We could barely make out some figures moving in the mist.
  • The vase is decorated with figures of birds and fish.
  • No precise figures are available yet.
  • I came up with a very different figure.
  • The company had yearly sales figures of half a million units.
  • The walls of the cave are covered with drawings of human and animal figures.
  • a collection of bronze figures

Detailed synonyms for figure noun

See: Form

figure verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
figured, has figured, is figuring, figures
calcular; figurar, destacar; figurarse

Example sentences of
figure verb

  • “They lost.” “I figured as much.”
  • She figures to finish by noon.
  • The debate over tax rates figured prominently in the last election.
  • He figured the cost at about $10,000.

Synonyms of
figure verb

¿Sabes el significado de figure out?
  • Figure out significa encontrar una respuesta o solución (a algo).

Detailed synonyms for figure verb

See: Calculate

figurar verbo

to figure, to be included; to represent; to be prominent, to stand out

Phrasal verbs for figure

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Reverse translation for figure

numero  - number, issue (of a publication) 
cifra  - figure, number, quantity, amount, code, cipher 
precio  - price, cost, sacrifice 
figura  - figure, shape, form 
personaje  - character (in drama or literature), personage, celebrity 
tipo  - type, kind, sort, figure, build, appearance, rate, (printing) type, typeface, style, model, guy 
físico  - physique, figure, physicist 
calcular  - to calculate, to estimate, to plan, to scheme 
figurar  - to figure, to be included, to represent, to be prominent, to stand out 
destacar  - to stand out, to emphasize, to highlight, to stress, to station, to post 
figurarse  - to imagine, to think 
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