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3 Translation results for fake in Spanish

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fake verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
faked, has faked, is faking, fakes
falsificar, falsear; fingir; hacer un engaño, hacer una finta (en deportes)

Synonyms of
fake verb

fake noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
imitación, falsificación; impostor, -tora; charlatán, -tana; farsante; engaño, finta (en deportes)

Detailed synonyms for fake noun

See: Fraud

fake adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
falso, fingido, postizo

Example sentences of
fake adjective

  • That blood is clearly fake.
  • He was wearing a fake mustache.

Reverse translation for fake

falsificar  - to counterfeit, to forge, to falsify 
falsear  - to falsify, to fake, to give way, to distort, to be out of tune 
fingir  - to feign, to pretend 
hacer una finta  (en deportes)
imitación  - imitation, mimicry, impersonation 
falsificación  - counterfeit, forgery, falsification 
impostor  - impostor 
charlatán  - chatterbox, charlatan, phony, mountebank 
farsante  - charlatan, fraud, phony 
engaño  - deception, trick, fake, feint (in sports) 
finta  (en deportes) - feint 
falso  - false, untrue, counterfeit, forged 
fingido  - false, feigned 
postizo  - artificial, false 
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