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extended adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
prolongado, largo

Example sentences of
extended adjective

  • The word "snake" in its extended sense refers to a contemptible or treacherous person.
  • An extended portion of the valley is now devoted to the growing of grapes for wine.

Synonyms of
extended adjective

extend verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
extended, has extended, is extending, extends
extender, tender; extenderse; prolongar, prorrogar; agrandar, ampliar, aumentar; dar, ofrecer

Example sentences of
extend verb

  • He extended a hand in greeting.
  • He was sitting with both legs fully extended.
  • The table measures eight feet long when it is fully extended.
  • The table extends to eight feet in length.
  • The woods extend for miles to the west.
  • Their knowledge of the family's history extends back to colonial times.
  • Their influence extends well beyond their immediate circle of friends.
  • His popularity extends from coast to coast.

Detailed synonyms for extend verb

Extend, lengthen, elongate, prolong, protract, stretch significan hacer más largo, o añadir (a algo) con el fin de extender la longitud.
  • Extend indica el hacer más largo en términos de espacio o de tiempo, y puede asimismo indicar un aumento de amplitud, ámbito, área, influencia o alcance <extend welfare services to more of the population>.
    antonyms: abridge, shorten
  • Lengthen connota un aumento de longitud, sea de tiempo o espacio <discussed lengthening the school year>.
    antonyms: shorten
  • Elongate suele indicar un aumento en la longitud espacial y connota a menudo un estiramiento <the dancer's ability to elongate her body>.
    antonyms: abbreviate, shorten
  • Prolong connota primordialmente un aumento en la duración, especialmente más allá de los límites usuales, normales o agradables <a prolonged illness>.
    antonyms: curtail
  • Protract añade a prolong indicaciones de ser innecesario, molesto o de duración indefinida <protracted negotiations on nuclear weapons>.
    antonyms: curtail
  • Stretch sugiere extender en largo o ancho <the road stretched for miles>, a veces enfatizando el extender hasta el punto de tensión <the budget had been stretched to its limit>.

extender verbo

to spread out, to stretch out; to broaden, to expand; to draw up (a document), to write out (a check)

Reverse translation for extended

prolongado  - prolonged, lengthy, long 
largo  - long 
extender  - to spread out, to stretch out, to broaden, to expand, to draw up (a document), to write out (a check) 
tender  - to spread out, to lay out, to hang out (clothes), to lay (cables, etc.), to set (a trap) 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
prolongar  - to prolong, to extend, to lengthen 
prorrogar  - to extend (a deadline), to postpone 
agrandar  - to exaggerate, to enlarge 
ampliar  - to expand, to extend, to widen, to enlarge (photographs), to elaborate on, to develop (ideas) 
aumentar  - to rise, to increase, to grow, to increase, to raise 
dar  - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
ofrecer  - to offer, to provide, to give, to present (an appearance, etc.) 
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