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essential adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
esencial, imprescindible, fundamental
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Tofu is an essential source of protein for many people who don’t eat meat.

Example sentences of
essential adjective

  • As a fighter pilot, he knows that good vision is essential.
  • Free speech is an essential right of citizenship.
  • The essential problem with this plan is that it will cost too much.
  • There's no essential difference between the two products.

Synonyms of
essential adjective

Detailed synonyms for essential adjective

Essential, fundamental, vital, cardinal, basic, necessary, indispensable significan tan importante como para ser indispensable.
  • Essential indica que pertenece a la naturaleza misma de una cosa, y es por lo tanto incapaz de ser eliminado sin destruir la cosa en sí o alterar su carácter <conflict is an essential element in drama>.
  • Fundamental se aplica a algo que forma una base sin la cual un sistema entero o un todo complejo se derrumbaría <the fundamental principles of democracy>.
  • Vital connota algo que es necesario para la existencia u operación continua de una cosa <military bases that are vital to our national security>.
  • Cardinal connota algo que ejerce una influencia activa sobre un resultado, o del cual éste depende <an event of cardinal importance>.
    antonyms: negligible
  • Basic indica formar la parte más importante de algo, la cual también puede ser la más simple <in this class, you will learn the basic principles of chemistry>.
  • Necessary significa simplemente necesitado o requerido <he made only the repairs necessary to get the car running again>.
  • Indispensable es una palabra enfática que significa demasiado importante para omitirse o perderse <she is an indispensable part of the team>.

essential noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
elemento esencial, lo imprescindible

Example sentences of
essential noun

  • the essentials for success include a willingness to work and the right attitude
  • this will be just an introduction to the essentials of computer programming

Detailed synonyms for essential noun

Reverse translation for essential

esencial  - essential 
imprescindible  - essential, indispensable 
fundamental  - fundamental, basic 
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