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2 Translation results for dump in Spanish

noun | verb

dump noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vertedero, tiradero

Example sentences of
dump noun

  • We bring our trash to the town dump on Saturdays.
  • All of the used packaging eventually ends up in the dump.

dump verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dumped, has dumped, is dumping, dumps
descargar, verter; dejar, poner; (argot) dejar, abandonar (a alguien); vaciar

Example sentences of
dump verb

  • You can dump the coats on the bed.
  • I dumped the coffee down the drain.
  • The murderer dumped the body in the river.

Detailed synonyms for dump verb

See: Discard

Reverse translation for dump

vertedero  - garbage dump, drain, outlet 
tiradero  - dump, mess, clutter 
descargar  - to discharge, to unload, to release, to free, to take out, to vent (anger, etc.) 
verter  - to flow, to pour, to spill, to shed, to empty out, to express, to voice, to translate, to render 
dejar  - to leave, to abandon, to forsake, to let be, to let go, to allow, to permit 
poner  - to contribute, to put, to place, to set up, to establish, to install, to put in, to make, to turn on, to switch on, to suppose, to lay (eggs), to lay eggs, to put in, to add, 
dejar  (argot)
abandonar  (a alguien) - to abandon, to leave, to give up, to quit, to drop out 
vaciar  - to empty, to empty out, to drain, to hollow out, to cast (in a mold) 
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