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2 Translation results for die in Spanish

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die verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
died, has died, is dying, dies
morir; morirse; apagarse, dejar de funcionar

Example sentences of
die verb

  • She claims she's not afraid to die.
  • He died in 1892 at the age of 37.
  • People in the town began dying suddenly.
  • He died a violent and painful death.
  • Her secret died with her.
  • He's the last of a dying breed.

Synonyms of
die verb

die noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
dado; troquel, cuño; matriz, molde

Example sentences of
die noun

  • Each player throws one die.
  • he rolled the die, hoping for a six

Synonyms of
die noun

Phrasal verbs for die

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Reverse translation for die

morir  - to die, to die out, to go out, to pass away 
morirse  - to die, to perish 
apagarse  - to go out, to fade, to wane, to die down 
troquel  - die (for stamping) 
cuño  - die (for stamping) 
matriz  - uterus, womb, original, master copy, main office, headquarters, stub (of a check), matrix 
molde  - mold, form 
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