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deny verb

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denied, has denied, is denying, denies
desmentir, negar; renegar de; denegar

Example sentences of
deny verb

  • She denies all the charges that have been made against her.
  • The police deny that racism is a problem in the department.
  • Yes, I was there. I don't deny it.
  • The judge denied their request.
  • a government that denies its citizens basic freedoms
  • He denied the report that he would be quitting his job.

Detailed synonyms for deny verb

Deny, contradict, impugn, negate significan rehusarse a aceptar algo como verdadero o válido.
  • Deny indica el negarse firmemente a aceptar como verdadero, a conceder o a admitir la existencia o las reclamaciones de algo o alguien <tried to deny the charges>.
    antonyms: confirm, concede
  • Contradict indica una negación manifiesta y rotunda de la verdad de una afirmación, y suele connotar que lo contrario es verdadero <her report contradicts every point of his statement>.
    antonyms: corroborate
  • Impugn connota el atacar, discutir o contradecir con energía una persona o cosa, a menudo mediante argumentos prolongados <dared to impugn his motives>.
    antonyms: authenticate, advocate
  • Negate connota la negación exitosa de la existencia o verdad de algo <the facts negate his argument>.

Reverse translation for deny

desmentir  - to deny, to refute, to contradict 
negar  - to deny, to refuse, to disown 
denegar  - to deny, to turn down 
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