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2 Translation results for compromise in Spanish

noun | verb

compromise noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
acuerdo mutuo, compromiso

Example sentences of
compromise noun

  • the art of political compromise
  • To avoid an argument, always be ready to seek compromise.
  • a director who will not tolerate artistic compromise
  • She says that accepting their proposal would be a compromise of her principles.

compromise verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
compromised, has compromised, is compromising, compromises
comprometer, poner en peligro; transigir, avenirse

Example sentences of
compromise verb

  • The two sides were unwilling to compromise.
  • We can't reveal that information without compromising national security.
  • a dangerous drug that can further compromise an already weakened immune system
¿Porqué se usa este verbo tanto en mensajes de advertencia como en recomendaciones para una vida mejor?
  • El verbo compromise tiene dos significados distintos.
    Si tu compromise on en algo, significa que estás dispuesto a hacer concesiones razonables para llegar a un acuerdo o una meta más importante. Ejemplo: We can't afford the best house in town, so we have to compromise on size and amenities (tenemos que contentarnos con una casa más pequeña y menos lujosa). Si tu compromise something, significa que lo expones a peligro o daño. ejemplo: Sending these e-mails to your clients without encryption may compromise their privacy (enviar los correos electrónicos de esta manera puede violar la privacidad del cliente). Otro ejemplo: Your website may be compromised (alguien intentó hackear tu sitio web).

Detailed synonyms for compromise verb

See: Adapt

Reverse translation for compromise

compromiso  - obligation, commitment, engagement, agreement, awkward situation, fix 
comprometer  - to compromise, to jeopardize, to commit, to put under obligation 
transigir  - to give in, to compromise 
avenirse  - to agree, to come to terms, to get along 
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