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commotion noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
alboroto, jaleo, escándalo; revuelo, conmoción

Example sentences of
commotion noun

  • There was a sudden commotion when the actress entered the restaurant.
  • the commotion created when the nation's top rock band arrived in town

Detailed synonyms for commotion noun

1. Commotion, tumult, turmoil, upheaval, turbulence, pandemonium significan gran agitación física, mental o emocional.
  • Commotion connota un bullicio o escándalo perturbador y a veces violento <the unexpected dinner guests caused quite a commotion>.
  • Tumult connota una agitación acompañada de alboroto, estrépito o gran desorden <the town was in a tumult over news of the approaching hurricane>.
  • Turmoil connota un estado carente de tranquilidad y bulliendo con gran alboroto <her well-ordered life had suddenly been thrown into turmoil>.
  • Upheaval connota un violento y forzoso empujar que da como resultado un estado de gran desorden o un derrocamiento <a nation in need of peace after years of upheaval>.
  • Turbulence indica un estado de gran confusión o agitación <the crowd's growing turbulence threatened to lead to a riot>.
  • Pandemonium supone una multitud de personas que actúan salvajemente o violentamente porque están emocionadas, asustadas o confundidas <pandemonium erupted in the courtroom when the verdict was announced>.
2. See: Stir

Reverse translation for commotion

alboroto  - disturbance, ruckus, riot 
jaleo  - uproar, ruckus, racket, confusion, hassle, cheering and clapping (for a dance) 
escándalo  - scandal, scene, commotion 
revuelo  - fluttering, commotion, stir 
conmoción  - shock, upheaval 
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