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chance noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
azar, suerte, fortuna; oportunidad, ocasión; probabilidad, posibilidad; riesgo; boleto (de una rifa o lotería)

Example sentences of
chance noun

  • This is the chance of a lifetime!
  • Everyone deserves a fair chance of winning the award.
  • If you give me a chance, I know I can do a good job.
  • We didn't have much chance to talk about it.
  • There's a good chance that we'll finish on time.
  • If you are free tonight, is there any chance you could join me for dinner?
  • Which cards you're given is simply a matter of chance.

Detailed synonyms for chance noun

Chance, accident, fortune, luck, fate significan algo que sucede sin causa aparente o como resultado de fuerzas imprevistas.
  • Chance es el término más general y puede indicar la determinación de algo por fuerzas irracionales e incontrolables <left things to chance>, o por un grado de probabilidad <a chance of one in ten>.
  • Accident subraya la falta de intención <met by accident>.
    antonyms: design, intent
  • Fortune se refiere a menudo a la causa hipotética de algo que sucede fortuitamente <their journey was favored by fortune>, o al resultado de una empresa difícil <the fortunes of war>.
  • Luck menos decoroso que fortune, conlleva insinuaciones de juegos de azar <her good luck lasted until June>, y puede indicar éxito o un resultado feliz <I wish you luck>.
  • Fate supone un poder, frecuentemente no amistoso, que controla la vida humana <her careful plan was demolished by fate>.

chance verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
chanced, has chanced, is chancing, chances
arriesgar; ocurrir por casualidad

Example sentences of
chance verb

  • He couldn't chance playing with a broken toe.
  • I don't think we should chance driving in this snowstorm.

Synonyms of
chance verb

chance adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
fortuito, casual

Detailed synonyms for chance adjective

See: Random

chance sustantivo

chance, opportunity

Related phrases for chance

Reverse translation for chance

azar  - chance, accident, misfortune 
suerte  - luck, fortune, fate, destiny, lot, sort, kind 
fortuna  - fortune, luck, wealth, fortune 
oportunidad  - opportunity, chance 
ocasión  - occasion, time, opportunity, chance, bargain 
probabilidad  - probability 
posibilidad  - possibility 
riesgo  - risk 
boleto  (de una rifa o lotería) - ticket 
arriesgar  - to risk, to venture 
fortuito  - fortuitous 
casual  - fortuitous, accidental, casual (of clothing), haphazard 
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