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celebrate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
celebrated, has celebrated, is celebrating, celebrates
celebrar, oficiar; estar de fiesta, divertirse; festejar; alabar, ensalzar, exaltar

Example sentences of
celebrate verb

  • They are celebrating the birth of their third child.
  • The family gathered to celebrate Christmas.
  • We are celebrating our anniversary next week.
  • They are celebrating the birth of their third child.
  • The book celebrates the movies of the past.
  • Her lecture celebrated the genius of the artist.
  • He is celebrated for his contributions to modern science.
  • A priest celebrates Mass at the church daily.
  • We are celebrating my birthday by going out to dinner.

Synonyms of
celebrate verb

Detailed synonyms for celebrate verb

See: Observe

Reverse translation for celebrate

celebrar  - to be glad, to celebrate, to hold (a meeting), to say (Mass), to welcome, to be happy about 
oficiar  - to inform officially, to officiate at, to celebrate (Mass) 
divertirse  - to have fun, to have a good time 
festejar  - to celebrate, to entertain, to wine and dine, to thrash, to beat 
alabar  - to praise 
ensalzar  - to praise, to extol, to exalt 
exaltar  - to exalt, to extol, to excite, to agitate 
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