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3 Translation results for capture in Spanish

verb | noun | verbo

capture verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
captured, has captured, is capturing, captures
capturar, apresar; captar

Example sentences of
capture verb

  • They were captured by enemy soldiers.
  • using traps to capture mice
  • The city was captured by the Romans.
  • She captured 60 percent of the vote in the last election.
  • The company plans on capturing a larger segment of the market.
  • The show has captured the attention of teenagers.

Synonyms of
capture verb

Detailed synonyms for capture verb

See: Catch

capture noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
captura, apresamiento

Example sentences of
capture noun

  • the capture of the city by enemy forces
  • a Spanish treasure ship was the most valuable capture ever taken by that privateer

capturar verbo

to capture, to seize

Reverse translation for capture

capturar  - to capture, to seize 
apresar  - to capture, to seize 
captar  - to catch, to grasp, to gain, to attract, to harness, to collect (waters) 
captura  - capture, seizure 
apresamiento  - seizure, capture 
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