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attract verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
attracted, has attracted, is attracting, attracts

Example sentences of
attract verb

  • The company has a difficult time attracting good employees because of its poor pay and benefits.
  • The chance to travel around the world attracted me to a career as a flight attendant.
  • The museum attracts visitors from all over the world.
  • The scent will attract certain insects.
  • Certain insects are attracted by the scent.
  • Her bright blue eyes attracted me.
  • The bird's colorful feathers are used to attract a mate.

Detailed synonyms for attract verb

Attract, entice, allure, charm, captivate, fascinate, bewitch, enchant significan traer hacia sí algo o alguien mediante una influencia irresistible o poderosa.
  • Attract se aplica a cualquier grado o tipo de capacidad de traer o mover hacia sí <a university that attracts students from around the world>.
    antonyms: repel
  • Entice connota atraer por medios astutos <advertising designed to entice new customers>.
  • Allure indica captar o engatusar con lo que es bello, agradable o seductor <the alluring excitement of the city>.
    antonyms: repel
  • Charm puede connotar la magia e indica el poder de suscitar o llamar la atención <charmed by the island and its people>.
    antonyms: disgust
  • Captivate indica la captura, a menudo transitoria, de la imaginación o de las emociones <her grace and beauty captivated us all>.
    antonyms: repulse
  • Fascinate connota una influencia mágica y tiende a recalcar la inutilidad de todo intento de resistir o de escapar <a story that continues to fascinate children>.
  • Bewitch indica el ejercicio de un abrumador poder de atracción <bewitched by the music>.
  • Enchant recalca el poder de provocar deleite, gozo o una extasiada admiración en la persona afectada <enchanted by his dashing looks and deep voice>.

Reverse translation for attract

atraer  - to attract 
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