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adapt verb

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adapted, has adapted, is adapting, adapts
adaptar, ajustar; adaptarse

Example sentences of
adapt verb

  • When children go to a different school, it usually takes them a while to adapt.
  • She has adapted herself to college life quite easily.
  • The movie was adapted from the book of the same title.
  • The camera has been adapted for underwater use.
  • The clock was adapted to run on batteries.

Detailed synonyms for adapt verb

Adapt, adjust, accommodate, conform, reconcile, compromise significan entrar una cosa en correspondencia con otra.
  • Adapt connota facilidad de modificación a circunstancias mudables <they had quickly adapted to the warmer climate>.
  • Adjust indica poner en armonía o en una correspondencia tan estrecha como la que existe entre dos piezas de un mecanismo, normalmente mediante el tacto o el ingenio <adjusted the figures to allow for inflation>.
  • Accommodate puede connotar el hacer una concesión o llegar a un arreglo con el fin de lograr una correspondencia <altered his theory to accommodate these new facts>.
  • Conform se usa para indicar una puesta en armonía o una concordancia con una pauta, un ejemplo o un principio <she refused to conform to local ideas about how women should behave>.
  • Reconcile indica demostrar la coherencia o congruencia subyacente entre cosas que parecen ser incompatibles <tried to reconcile these two accounts of what had happened>.
  • Compromise indica que dos o más lados renuncian a algunas demandas para poder llegar a un acuerdo <the two parties were unwilling to compromise>.

Reverse translation for adapt

adaptar  - to adapt, to adjust, to fit 
ajustar  - to adjust, to adapt, to take in (clothing), to settle, to resolve 
adaptarse  - to adapt oneself, to conform 
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