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adjective | adjetivo

accidental adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
accidental, casual, imprevisto, fortuito

Example sentences of
accidental adjective

  • This story became known thanks to an accidental discovery of an ancient book.
  • The timing of the announcement was purely accidental.
  • The death was ruled accidental.

Detailed synonyms for accidental adjective

1. Accidental, fortuitous, casual, random, unplanned significan que sucede por casualidad.
  • Accidental subraya el azar o la ocurrencia imprevista <claimed the error had been deliberate rather than accidental>.
    antonyms: planned
  • Fortuitous indica el azar de manera tan fuerte que a veces connota la ausencia total de una causa <believes that life is more than a series of fortuitous events>.
    antonyms: deliberate
  • Casual pone énfasis en la falta de intención o premeditación real o aparente <a casual encounter on the street>.
  • Random enfatiza la falta de un plan, propósito o patrón definitivo <reading random passages from the book>.
  • Unplanned implica el dejar inciertas las partes o los detalles de algo <an unplanned vacation>.
    antonyms: planned
2. See: Random

accidental adjetivo

accidental, unintentional

Reverse translation for accidental

accidental  - accidental, unintentional 
casual  - fortuitous, accidental, casual (of clothing), haphazard 
imprevisto  - unexpected, unforeseen 
fortuito  - fortuitous 
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