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abjure verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
abjured, has abjured, is abjuring, abjures
abjurar de

Example sentences of
abjure verb

  • abjured some long-held beliefs when she converted to another religion
  • a strict religious sect that abjures the luxuries, comforts, and conveniences of the modern world

Synonyms of
abjure verb

Detailed synonyms for abjure verb

Abjure, renounce, recant, retract, repudiate significan retractarse uno de su palabra o creencia.
  • Abjure supone un rechazo o abandono formal y definitivo, a veces bajo juramento <new citizens must abjure allegiance to any foreign country>.
    antonyms: pledge ealtad, etc.), elect tilo de vida, etc.)
  • Renounce suele ser igual a abjure pero puede llevar el significado de disclaim o disown <renounced his lifelong friends>.
  • Recant hace énfasis en la retractación o la negación de algo que se ha profesado o enseñado <a year later he recanted his confession>.
  • Retract se aplica a la retractación de una oferta, una promesa o de una acusación <the threat of a lawsuit led the newspaper to retract the statement>.
  • Repudiate indica una negación o rechazo decisivo <repudiated her religious beliefs>.
    antonyms: adopt

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