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swipe verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
swiped, has swiped, is swiping, swipes
dar, pegar (con un movimiento amplio); limpiar; birlar, robar
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Ejemplos de uso de
swipe verb

  • The cat swiped the dog across the nose.
  • They swiped some candy from the store.
  • The cashier swiped the credit card and gave it back to me.

Sinónimos de
swipe verb

Sinónimos detallados para swipe verb

Ver: Steal

Traducción inversa para to swipe

dar  - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
pegar  (con un movimiento amplio) - to adhere, to stick, to glue, to stick, to paste, to attach, to sew on, to infect with, to give, to hit, to deal, to strike, to give (out with) 
limpiar  - to clean, to clean, to cleanse, to clean up, to remove defects, to clean out (in a game), to swipe, to pinch 
birlar  - to swipe, to pinch 
robar  - to steal, to rob, to burglarize, to abduct, to kidnap, to captivate 
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