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steal verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stole, has stolen, is stealing, steals
robar, hurtar; ir sigilosamente

Ejemplos de uso de
steal verb

  • They stole thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry from the store.
  • He discovered that his car had been stolen.
  • The store manager accused the boy of stealing.
  • I stole a cookie from the cookie jar.
  • They stole our best pitcher away from our team.
  • His outstanding performance stole the show.

Sinónimos detallados para steal verb

1. Steal, pilfer, filch, swipe significan tomar una cosa de una persona sin su conocimiento o permiso.
  • Steal puede aplicarse a cualquier acción subrepticia de tomar una cosa, sea ésta tangible o intangible <steal jewels> <he would steal a look at her from time to time>.
  • Pilfer indica el robar de forma repetida y sigilosa, y en pequeñas cantidades <fired from his job for pilfering from the company>.
  • Filch añade a pilfer una connotación de rapidez <kids who would filch an apple from the fruit stand when no one was looking>.
  • Swipe es un término coloquial para robar, generalmente involucrando un objeto o una cantidad pequeña de dinero <his brother had swiped his favorite T-shirt>.
2. Ver: Lurk

Traducción inversa para steal

robar  - to steal, to rob, to burglarize, to abduct, to kidnap, to captivate 
hurtar  - to steal 
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