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verb | noun

offset verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
offset, has offset, is offsetting, offsets

Ejemplos de uso de
offset verb

  • Gains in one area offset losses in another.
  • The limited storage space in the house is offset by the large garage.

Sinónimos de
offset verb

Sinónimos detallados para offset verb

Ver: Compensate

offset noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
desbalance; compensación; offset

Ejemplos de uso de
offset noun

  • a better performance this time will be an offset to last year's dismal showing
  • symptoms that were striking for their abrupt onset and their equally abrupt offset

Traducción inversa para offset

compensar  - to be worth one's while, to compensate for, to make up for 
desbalance  - imbalance 
compensación  - compensation 
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