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dig up verb

unfavorite favorite
descubrir, sacar a luz

dig verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dug, has dug, is digging, digs
cavar, excavar; sacar; clavar, hincar

Ejemplos de uso de
dig verb

  • Some animal has been digging in the garden.
  • They dug into the sand with their hands.
  • He dug down about 10 feet before he hit water.
  • Dig a hole three feet deep.
  • The first step in building a house is to dig the foundation.
  • The prisoners escaped by digging a tunnel under the fence.
  • digging clams on the beach
  • These detectives won't stop digging until they find out what happened.

Sinónimos de
dig verb

Traducción inversa para dig up

descubrir  - to discover, to find out, to uncover, to reveal 
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