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verb | noun

extract verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
extracted, has extracted, is extracting, extracts
extraer, sacar

Ejemplos de uso de
extract verb

  • He extracted a credit card from his wallet.
  • I had to have a tooth extracted.
  • The tumor was surgically extracted.
  • We finally extracted a confession from him.
  • Investigators were able to extract useful information from the company's financial records.
  • They are hoping to extract new insights from the test results.
  • The machines extract the juice from the apples.
  • oil extracted from sunflower seeds
  • venom extracted from poisonous snakes

Sinónimos de
extract verb

Sinónimos detallados para extract verb

Ver: Evoke

extract noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pasaje, selección, trozo; extracto

Ejemplos de uso de
extract noun

  • The recipe calls for a tablespoon of vanilla extract.
  • The anthology includes a long extract from the epic poem.

Sinónimos de
extract noun

Traducción inversa para extract

extraer  - to extract 
sacar  - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
pasaje  - ticket (for travel), fare, passageway, passengers 
selección  - selection, choice 
trozo  - piece, bit, chunk, passage, extract 
extracto  - extract, abstract, summary 
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