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noun | adjective

cleaner noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
limpiador, -dora; producto de limpieza; tintorería (servicio)

Ejemplos de uso de
cleaner noun

  • He recommends using baking soda as a general household cleaner.
  • a kitchen shelf loaded with household cleaners

Sinónimos de
cleaner noun

clean adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
limpio; puro; intachable, sin mancha; decente; completo, absoluto

Ejemplos de uso de
clean adjective

  • This table isn't clean. There's a sticky spot where something spilled.
  • He keeps a very clean house.
  • The janitor does a good job of keeping the office clean.
  • I wiped the baby's face clean.
  • He's a clean young man.
  • Cats are very clean animals.
  • Solar power provides clean energy.

Sinónimos de
clean adjective

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Traducción inversa para cleaner

limpiador  - cleaning person, cleaner 
tintorería  (servicio) - dry cleaner (service) 
limpio  - clean, neat, honest, free, clear, net 
puro  - pure, plain, simple, sheer, only, just 
intachable  - irreproachable, faultless 
decente  - decent 
completo  - complete, perfect, absolute, full, detailed 
absoluto  - absolute, unconditional 
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