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complete verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
completed, has completed, is completing, completes
completar, hacer entero; acabar, terminar

Ejemplos de uso de
complete verb

  • The project took four months to complete.
  • Her latest purchase completes her collection.
  • The new baby completed their family.
  • The quarterback completed 12 out of 15 passes.

Sinónimos detallados para complete verb

complete adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
completo, entero, íntegro; terminado, acabado; total, absoluto

Ejemplos de uso de
complete adjective

  • He spoke in complete sentences.
  • They sat in complete silence.

Sinónimos detallados para complete adjective

Ver: Full, Whole

completar verbo

to complete, to finish

Traducción inversa para complete

completar  - to complete, to finish 
acabar  - to finish, to finish, to end 
terminar  - to finish, to end, to conclude, to stop, to end, to complete, to finish off, to wind up 
completo  - complete, perfect, absolute, full, detailed 
entero  - entire, whole, complete, absolute, intact 
íntegro  - honest, upright, whole, complete, unabridged 
acabado  - finished, done, completed, old, worn-out 
total  - total, complete 
absoluto  - absolute, unconditional 
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