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noun | verb

backing noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
apoyo, respaldo; refuerzo; partidarios, -rias

Ejemplos de uso de
backing noun

  • The tape has an adhesive backing.
  • The project has received financial backing from several investors.

Sinónimos de
backing noun

back verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
backed, has backed, is backing, backs
estar detrás de, formar el fondo de

Ejemplos de uso de
back verb

  • I'm backing him for President.
  • She backed the winner of the race and won a lot of money.
  • She backed her argument with written evidence.
  • She backed the singer on the guitar.
  • She backed into a parking space.
  • She backed out of the garage.
  • The dog kept growling but backed off cautiously.
  • back a skirt with stiff material
¿Sabes el significado de back up?
  • Back up significa respaldar > The soldiers backed up their captain when the army accused him of treason. Back up también significa retroceder > He tried to back up his car in the busy road.

Sinónimos detallados para back verb

Ver: Recede, Support

Traducción inversa para backing

apoyo  - support, backing, patronage 
respaldo  - back (of an object), support, backing 
refuerzo  - reinforcement, support 
partidarios  - follower, supporter 
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