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noun | verb

support noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
apoyo (moral), ayuda (económica); soporte, apoyo

Ejemplos de uso de
support noun

  • The team gets a lot of support from its fans.
  • I'd like to thank my parents for all of their love and support over the years.
  • He depended on his wife for emotional support.
  • He applied for financial support from the state.
  • the company's friendly support staff
  • Inspectors found that some of the bridge's supports were weak.
  • She used my arm as a support and limped to the chair.
  • These sneakers are designed to give your feet extra support.

Sinónimos de
support noun

support verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
supported, has supported, is supporting, supports
apoyar, respaldar; mantener, sostener, sustentar; apuntalar, soportar

Ejemplos de uso de
support verb

  • I completely support your decision to stay.
  • She no longer supports the war.
  • The senator says that he supports the proposed legislation.
  • Which presidential candidate do you support?
  • The study is supported by the American Medical Association.
  • The country's citizens were asked to support the war effort.
  • Her friends supported her by signing her petition.
  • The charity supports needy families.
  • Bombers were called in to support the ground troops.
  • The planet's atmosphere cannot support human life.

Sinónimos de
support verb

Sinónimos detallados para support verb

Support, uphold, advocate, back, champion significan favorecer activamente a alguien o algo que tiene mucha oposición.
  • Support es el menos explícito en cuanto a la naturaleza de la ayuda brindada <the whole family supported the same candidate>.
    antonyms: buck
  • Uphold indica el dar un apoyo prolongado a algo que está bajo ataque <the high court upheld the conviction>.
    antonyms: subvert
  • Advocate recalca el alegar o insistir verbalmente <religious leaders who advocated violence>.
    antonyms: impugn
  • Back connota el apoyar mediante el dar ayuda a uno que está fallando o cayendo <Europe refused to back the call for sanctions>.
  • Champion connota una defensa pública de personas que son injustamente atacadas o demasiado débiles para alegar su propia causa <championed the rights of Indians>.

Traducción inversa para support

apoyo  (moral) - support, backing, patronage 
ayuda  (económica) - help, assistance 
soporte  - base, stand, support 
apoyo  - support, backing, patronage 
apoyar  - to support, to back, to lean, to rest 
respaldar  - to back, to support, to endorse 
mantener  - to support, to feed, to keep, to preserve, to keep up, to sustain, to maintain, to affirm 
sostener  - to support, to hold up, to hold, to sustain, to maintain 
sustentar  - to support, to hold up, to sustain, to nourish, to maintain, to hold (an opinion) 
apuntalar  - to prop up, to shore up 
soportar  - to support, to hold up, to withstand, to resist, to bear, to tolerate, to put up with 
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