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noun | verb

sign noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
símbolo, signo; seña, señal, gesto; letrero, cartel; indicio

Ejemplos de uso de
sign noun

  • The sign in the store window says “OPEN.”
  • After you get off the highway, follow the signs for Route 25.
  • He ran the stop sign.
  • There was a “For Sale” sign on the car.
  • All the signs point to him as the guilty party.
  • She ignored me, which was a sure sign that she was mad at me.
  • “The company called me in for a second interview.” “That's a good sign.”
  • It was a bad sign that he couldn't walk on the injured leg.
  • There are plenty of warning signs that the company is in danger of bankruptcy.
  • They bowed before the king as a sign of respect.

Sinónimos detallados para sign noun

Sign, mark, token, symptom, reminder, indication significan un indicio perceptible de lo que no es directamente perceptible en sí.
  • Sign se aplica a cualquier indicio que ha de ser percibido por los sentidos o la razón <interpreted her smile as a good sign>.
  • Mark connota algo que se recalca o que es inherentemente característico de una cosa, a menudo en contraste con algo que es evidente al exterior <the bitter experience left its mark on him>.
  • Token se aplica a algo que sirve como prueba o que brinda evidencia de algo intangible <sent a gift as a token of their gratitude>.
  • Symptom connota un indicio, perceptible al exterior, de un cambio interno o una condición anormal <rampant violence is another symptom of the country's decline>.
  • Reminder connota cualquier cosa usada para recordarle a alguien a hacer algo <left the empty box out as a reminder to buy a new one>.
  • Indication sugiere un signo o símbolo <a high fever is an indication of a serious condition>.

sign verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
signed, has signed, is signing, signs
firmar; hacer una seña; comunicarse por señas

Ejemplos de uso de
sign verb

  • Sign your name on the bottom line.
  • She met with fans and signed autographs.
  • Please sign at the bottom of the application.
  • You forgot to sign the document.
  • He was forced to sign the confession.
  • The contract was signed by both parties.
  • The author will be signing copies of his books today.
  • The contract should be signed, sealed, and delivered by tomorrow.
  • The team signed the pitcher to a three-year contract.
  • He is signed to a three-year contract.

Sinónimos de
sign verb

¿Sabes lo que significa sign up?
  • Sign up significa inscribirse. Usa sign up for + sustantivo > I signed up for a course in web design. Alternativamente, puedes usar sign up to + verbo > I signed up to go on a rock-climbing trip.

Sinónimos detallados para sign verb

Sign, signal, cue, nod, gesture significan algo, tal como un gesto o una acción, mediante el cual se expresa una orden o un deseo, o se da a conocer un pensamiento.
  • Sign se aplica a cualquier medio por el cual se transmite información sin comunicación verbal <made a sign to the others to wait>.
  • Signal suele aplicarse a un signo convencional y fácilmente reconocido que comunica una orden, una dirección o una advertencia <saw the coach's signal>, o bien puede aplicarse a un aparato mecánico que desempeña una función comparable <waiting for the traffic signal to change to green>.
  • Cue connota una señal o un indicio <the younger children took their cues for behavior from the older ones>.
  • Nod connota una indicación de aprobación o reconocimiento <the project received the nod from the committee>.
  • Gesture sugiere un símbolo o una muestra <the speech was a gesture to the immigrant community>.

Verbos frasales para sign

  • sign in - (informática) conectarse, iniciar sesión
  • sign on - contratar (a un empleado), fichar (a un jugador)
  • sign up - (militar) alistarse, enrolarse, enlistarse
  • sign off - terminar una carta o mensaje

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Traducción inversa para sign

símbolo  - symbol 
signo  - sign, (punctuation) mark 
seña  - sign, signal 
señal  - signal, sign, indication, trace, vestige, scar, mark, deposit, down payment 
gesto  - gesture, facial expression, grimace 
letrero  - sign, notice 
cartel  - sign, poster 
indicio  - indication, sign 
firmar  - to sign 
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