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say verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
said, has said, is saying, says
decir, expresar; marcar, poner

Ejemplos de uso de
say verb

  • “Is anybody there?” he said.
  • “Good morning,” said the woman behind the counter.
  • I said three words before he interrupted me again.
  • I just stopped by to say hello.
  • He left without saying goodbye.
  • I wanted to say thank you for all you've done for me.
  • She said something about going to the store after work.
  • He said something in French.
  • Anything you say to the police can be used as evidence against you.
  • Don't believe a word he says.

Sinónimos de
say verb

¿Qué significa la expresión you can say that again?
  • En una conversación, cuando alguien dice You can say THAT again (se estresa la palabra that), significa que está completamente de acuerdo con lo que se acaba de decir. Ejemplo: - Traffic was terrible this morning, wasn't it? - You can say that again! It took me two hours to get to work.

Sinónimos detallados para say verb

Say, utter, tell, state significan poner en palabras.
  • Say básicamente quiere decir articular palabras <say each word carefully and clearly>, pero puede emplearse para reportar algo que se ha expresado vocalmente <he said he would be home soon>, o para indicar el hecho de poner en habla o por escrito <be careful what you say to that man>.
  • Utter recalca el uso de la voz y el acto de poner en palabras habladas <uttered a faint response>, y es apropiado para hacer referencia a sonidos vocales que no son palabras <uttered a moan>.
  • Tell recalca el impartir una idea o una información, y puede referirse a una comunicación escrita u oral, o a algún otro método de presentar una idea <told us the story of her life>.
  • State puede sustituir a say cuando se desea indicar más claridad <stated their objections to the proposal>.

say noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
voz, opinión

Ejemplos de uso de
say noun

  • Everybody had a say at the meeting.
  • We won't make a decision until all members have had their say.
  • The judge will have the final say on the divorce settlement.
  • He had no say in the matter.
¿Qué significa to have a say en un asunto?
  • Si tu have a say o get a say en un asunto, significa que tu opinión sobre este es considerada valiosa e influyente. Ejemplo: The town's residents should have a say in the decision to rebuild the town's center (la opinión de los residentes debería afectar la decisión).

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Traducción inversa para say

decir  - to say, to tell, to speak, to talk, to call 
expresar  - to express 
marcar  - to mark, to score, to brand (livestock), to dial, to indicate, to show, to emphasize, to dial (a telephone), to guard (an opponent), to score (a goal, a point) 
poner  - to contribute, to put, to place, to set up, to establish, to install, to put in, to make, to turn on, to switch on, to suppose, to lay (eggs), to lay eggs, to put in, to add, 
voz  - voice, opinion, say, shout, yell, sound, word, term, rumor 
opinión  - opinion, belief 
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