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meaning noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
significado, sentido; intención, propósito

Ejemplos de uso de
meaning noun

  • What is the precise meaning of this word in English?
  • Sometimes an old word takes on a new meaning.
  • That word has both a literal meaning and a figurative meaning.
  • Don't distort her meaning by taking her words out of context.
  • I didn't understand the meaning of his remark.
  • Literary critics disagree about the meanings of his poems.
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • It's a story about the true meaning of Christmas.

Sinónimos de
meaning noun

Sinónimos detallados para meaning noun

Meaning, sense, significance, import, gist, intent significan una idea que uno se propone a comunicar.
  • Meaning es el término general que se aplica a cualquier cosa, como por ejemplo una palabra, un signo, un poema o una acción, que necesita o que permite una interpretación <argued about the poem's meaning>.
  • Sense denota el significado o un significado particular, de una palabra o frase <didn't understand this sense of "democracy">.
  • Significance se aplica al sentido encubierto, en contraste con el sentido aparente, de una afirmación, acto u obra de arte <an agreement that seemed to have little significance at the time>.
  • Import connota trascendencia y denota el significado o la impresión comunicada por un orador mediante el lenguaje <failed at first to appreciate the import of the news>.
  • Gist connota el punto principal o la esencia de un tema <had read enough of the article to get the gist of it>.
  • Intent sugiere aspiración o propósito <the language of the law is complicated but its intent is obvious>.

mean verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
meant, has meant, is meaning, means
querer, pensar, tener la intención de; querer decir, significar; importar

Ejemplos de uso de
mean verb

  • The word meant one thing in Shakespeare's day, but it means something else now.
  • Red means “stop” and green means “go.”
  • Can you tell me what my dream means?
  • What was meant by the poet?
  • Don't distort what she meant by taking her words out of context.
  • He's very ambitious, and I mean that as a compliment.
  • It's a very easy question. Anyone, and I mean anyone, should be able to answer it.
  • She's not getting any thinner, if you know what I mean.
  • She says she didn't mean anything by what she did.
  • I don't trust him. He means no good.

Sinónimos de
mean verb

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Traducción inversa para meaning

significado  - sense, meaning, significance 
sentido  - sense, consciousness, meaning, sense, direction 
intención  - intention, plan 
propósito  - purpose, intention 
querer  - to want, to desire, to love, to like, to be fond of, 
pensar  - to think, to think, to think about, to intend, to plan on 
significar  - to mean, to signify, to express, to make known 
importar  - to import, to matter, to be important 
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