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indulge verb

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indulged, has indulged, is indulging, indulges
gratificar, satisfacer; consentir, mimar
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A couple indulging in a meal at an expensive restaurant

Ejemplos de uso de
indulge verb

  • It's my birthday. I'm going to indulge myself and eat whatever I want to eat.
  • It's my birthday. I'm going to indulge.
  • Please indulge me while I review the topics we covered yesterday.
  • The museum is an excellent place to let children indulge their curiosity about dinosaurs.
  • She bought a house with a big yard so that she could indulge her passion for gardening.

Sinónimos de
indulge verb

Sinónimos detallados para indulge verb

Indulge, pamper, humor, spoil, baby significan demostrar un excesivo favor o atención a los deseos o sentimientos de una persona.
  • Indulge indica una conformidad excesiva y debilidad en la gratificación de los deseos de otra persona o los de uno mismo <indulged themselves lavishly with food and wine>.
    antonyms: discipline
  • Pamper indica la gratificación inmoderada de un apetito o deseo de lujo y comodidad <pampered his pregnant wife>.
    antonyms: chasten
  • Humor recalca el ceder al temperamento o a los caprichos de una persona <humored her boyfriend by letting him tell the story>.
  • Spoil recalca el daño hecho al carácter como consecuencia de consentir o mimar <spoiling their children with constant attention>.
  • Baby connota un cuidado, atención o solicitud que es excesiva, y a menudo inapropiada <advised her sister not to baby the child>.

Traducción inversa para indulge

gratificar  - to satisfy, to gratify, to reward, to give a bonus to 
satisfacer  - to satisfy, to fulfill, to meet, to pay, to settle 
consentir  - to consent to, to allow, to pamper, to spoil 
mimar  - to pamper, to spoil 
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