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hard adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
duro, firme, sólido; difícil, arduo; severo; insensible; diligente

Ejemplos de uso de
hard adjective

  • She was asked a lot of hard questions.
  • We're going to have to make some hard choices.
  • It was very hard to find a replacement for her.
  • Their story is hard to believe.
  • It's hard not to worry about her.
  • It's hard to tell what she's thinking.
  • He has learned a hard lesson.
  • His health has suffered from years of hard living.
  • This old bicycle has obviously gotten some hard use.

Sinónimos detallados para hard adjective

1. Hard, difficult, arduous, demanding, tough, strenuous, challenging, laborious significan que exige gran esfuerzo.
  • Hard indica lo opuesto a todo lo fácil <farming is hard work>.
    antonyms: easy
  • Difficult indica la presencia de obstáculos por vencer o complicaciones por resolver y connota la necesidad de habilidad, paciencia, aguante o valor <a difficult decision>.
    antonyms: simple
  • Arduous recalca la necesidad de esfuerzos laboriosos y constantes <the arduous task of rebuilding the town>.
  • Demanding indica que requiere mucho tiempo, atención o esfuerzo <she had a demanding schedule and little free time>.
  • Tough connota dificultad para lograr, resolver, soportar o tratar <the one who always asked the toughest questions>.
  • Strenuous sugiere requerir mucha energía muscular y esfuerzo <advised her to avoid all strenuous exercise>.
  • Challenging connota que es suficientemente difícil para ser interesante <teaching is challenging but rewarding work>.
  • Laborious connota que requiere mucho tiempo y exige esfuerzo <a laborious, eight-hour operation>.
2. Ver: Firm

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Traducción inversa para hard

duro  - hard, tough, harsh, severe 
firme  - firm, resolute, steady, stable, steadfast 
sólido  - solid, firm, sturdy, well-made, sound, well-founded 
difícil  - difficult, hard 
arduo  - arduous, grueling 
severo  - harsh, severe, strict, stark 
insensible  - insensitive, unfeeling, jaded 
diligente  - diligent 
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