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advance verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
advanced, has advanced, is advancing, advances
avanzar, adelantar; progresar; ascender, promover; proponer, presentar; anticipar

Ejemplos de uso de
advance verb

  • The car advanced slowly down the street.
  • The sun slowly advanced across the sky.
  • She opened the door and advanced cautiously into the room.
  • Clocks are advanced by one hour when daylight saving time begins.
  • The film is advanced by an electric motor.
  • The team advanced the ball steadily down the field.
  • Our understanding of this disease has advanced rapidly in recent years.
  • The team did not advance beyond the first round of the play-offs.
  • The company tries to keep up with advancing technology.
  • As he advanced in age and stature he advanced in knowledge.

Sinónimos detallados para advance verb

1. Advance, promote, further significan ayudar (a alguien o algo) a seguir adelante.
  • Advance indica ayuda eficaz en la acelaración de un proyecto o el logro de un fin deseado <a visit intended to advance the cause of peace>.
    antonyms: retard, check
  • Promote indica un estímulo o fomento manifiesto <a company trying to promote better health among employees>, y puede denotar un aumento en categoría o condición <all the students were promoted to third grade>.
    antonyms: demote, downgrade
  • Further indica la eliminación de obstáculos en el camino del avance deseado <used the marriage to further his career>.
    antonyms: hinder, retard, impede, hamper
2. Ver: Cite

advance noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
avance; adelanto, mejora, progreso; aumento, alza; anticipo, préstamo

Ejemplos de uso de
advance noun

  • trying to halt the enemy's advance
  • trying to halt the enemy's advances
  • a big advance in technology
  • The new system represents a considerable advance over the old one.
  • There have been few advances made in the treatment of this disease.
  • There has been little advance made in the treatment of this disease.
  • The workers won wage advances.
  • a yearlong advance in stock prices

Sinónimos de
advance noun

advance adjective

unfavorite favorite

Ejemplos de uso de
advance adjective

  • an advance copy of a new book

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Traducción inversa para advance

avanzar  - to advance, to move forward 
adelantar  - to advance, to move forward, to overtake, to pass, to reveal (information) in advance, to advance, to lend (money) 
progresar  - to progress, to make progress 
ascender  - to ascend, to rise up, to promote, to be promoted 
promover  - to promote, to advance, to foster, to encourage, to provoke, to cause 
proponer  - to propose, to suggest, to nominate 
presentar  - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
anticipar  - to anticipate, to forestall, to deal with in advance, to pay in advance 
avance  - advance, (slang) come-on 
adelanto  - advance, progress, advance payment, earliness 
mejora  - improvement 
progreso  - progress 
aumento  - increase, rise 
alza  - rise 
anticipo  - advance (payment), foretaste, preview 
préstamo  - loan 
anticipado  - advance, early 
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