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subdue verb

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subdued, has subdued, is subduing, subdues
sojuzgar (a un enemigo), vencer, superar; dominar; suavizar, atenuar (luz, etc.), moderar (lenguaje)

Ejemplos de uso de
subdue verb

  • The troops were finally able to subdue the rebel forces after many days of fighting.
  • He was injured while trying to subdue a violent drunk.
  • She struggled to subdue her fears.

Sinónimos detallados para subdue verb

Ver: Conquer

Traducción inversa para subdue

sojuzgar  (a un enemigo) - to subdue, to conquer, to subjugate 
vencer  - to vanquish, to defeat, to win, to triumph, to expire, to overcome, to surmount, to fall due, to mature 
superar  - to surpass, to exceed, to overcome, to surmount 
dominar  - to dominate, to predominate, to prevail, to master, to be proficient at 
suavizar  - to soften, to smooth out, to tone down 
atenuar  (luz, etc.) - to extenuate, to mitigate, to dim (light), to tone down (colors), to minimize, to lessen 
moderar  (lenguaje) - to temper, to moderate, to curb, to reduce, to chair (a meeting) 
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