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noun | verb

shift noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cambio; turno; vestido (suelto)

Ejemplos de uso de
shift noun

  • There will be a shift of responsibility when she takes the new position.
  • a shift away from tradition
  • a gradual shift toward more liberal policies
  • a shift in voter opinion
  • The day shift worked overtime.
  • The restaurant needed only one shift for lunch.
  • He works the day shift.

Sinónimos de
shift noun

shift verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
shifted, has shifted, is shifting, shifts
cambiar; mover; moverse; transferir

Ejemplos de uso de
shift verb

  • I shifted the bag to my other shoulder.
  • She shifted her position slightly so she could see the stage better.
  • They shifted him to a different department.
  • He nervously shifted from foot to foot.
  • She shifted in her seat.
  • Public opinion has shifted dramatically in recent months.
  • Their efforts to shift public opinion have failed.
  • I wanted to shift the discussion back to the main point.
  • They tried to shift the blame onto us.
  • Their attempts at shifting attention away from the controversy seemed to be working.

Sinónimos de
shift verb

Traducción inversa para shift

cambio  - change, alteration, exchange, change (money) 
turno  - turn, shift, duty 
vestido  (suelto) - dress, costume, clothes, dress (garment) 
cambiar  - to change, to change, to exchange, to trade 
mover  - to move, to shift, to shake, to nod (the head), to power, to drive, to provoke, to cause, to excite, to stir 
moverse  - to move, to move over, to hurry, to get a move on, to get moving, to make an effort 
transferir  - to transfer 
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