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change verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
changed, has changed, is changing, changes
cambiar, alterar, modificar; variar, transformarse; cambiar de, intercambiar

Ejemplos de uso de
change verb

  • Her mood changes every hour.
  • He changed from an optimist to a pessimist.
  • The town has changed little in recent years.
  • These events have changed me in my attitude to life.
  • You can't change human nature.
  • Life changed him from an optimist into a pessimist.
  • The leaves change color from green to red in the fall.
  • She changed her name when she got married.
  • France has changed its monetary unit from the franc to the euro.
  • change the channel on the TV

Sinónimos de
change verb

¿Por qué la gente dice que ellos have to change sin mencionar lo que quieren cambiar?
  • Cuando alguien dice ″I have to change″ o ″I need to change″, eso significa que tienen que cambiar de ropa, en particular ropa más adecuada para la actividad o evento. Ejemplo: "Shall we go to the ballet tonight?" "Sure, but I can't go in my T-shirt and jeans, I have to change".

Sinónimos detallados para change verb

Change, alter, vary, modify, mutate, morph, evolve significan hacer o hacerse diferente.
  • Change indica efectuar, ya sea una diferencia esencial que resulta en la pérdida de la identidad original, o bien una sustitución de una cosa por otra <the town had changed little over the years>.
  • Alter indica efectuar una diferencia en algún particular, pero no connota la pérdida de identidad <slightly altered the original design>.
  • Vary subraya un alejamiento de la uniformidad, la duplicación o la repetición exacta <you can vary the speed of the conveyor belt>.
  • Modify connota una diferencia que limita, restringe o adapta para un nuevo propósito <modified the building for use by the handicapped>.
  • Mutate indica cambiar a algo muy diferente y a veces indeseable <over time, her feelings mutated from love into hatred>.
  • Morph indica cambiar gradualmente e imperceptiblemente de una cosa a otra, frecuentemente de manera sorpresiva <a quiet college student who morphed into a glamorous actress>.
  • Evolve sugiere cambiar o desarrollarse gradualmente mediante un proceso de cambio lento y por pasos <birds evolved from dinosaurs>.

change noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cambio; vuelto; monedas

Ejemplos de uso de
change noun

  • There has been little if any change in her daily routine.
  • You shouldn't be afraid of change. Change is a natural part of life.
  • The years have brought many changes to the town's economy.
  • Have you got change for a $10 bill?
  • We need to make some changes in the system.
  • We've had to make a slight change in the schedule.
  • Many voters believe that it's time for a change.
  • a change for the worse
  • We've been so busy that a quiet day at home was a welcome change.
  • We eat at home a lot, so dining out sometimes is a nice change.

Sinónimos de
change noun

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Traducción inversa para change

cambiar  - to change, to change, to exchange, to trade 
alterar  - to alter, to modify, to disturb, to disrupt 
modificar  - to modify, to alter, to adapt 
variar  - to change, to alter, to vary, to change, to diversify 
transformarse  - to transform, to change 
intercambiar  - to exchange, to trade 
cambio  - change, alteration, exchange, change (money) 
vuelto  - (money) change 
monedas  - coin, money, currency 
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