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noun | verb

deed noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
acto, acción, hecho; hazaña, proeza; escritura, título

Ejemplos de uso de
deed noun

  • They taught their children to be kind and to do good deeds.
  • News of their heroic deeds spread far and wide.
  • It's too late now. The deed is done.
  • The land was transferred by deed.
  • He gave them the deed to the property.

Sinónimos de
deed noun

deed verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
deeded, has deeded, is deeding, deeds
ceder, transferir

Ejemplos de uso de
deed verb

  • She deeded the house to her children.
  • the philanthropist unexpectedly deeded his entire fortune to the animal shelter

Traducción inversa para deed

acto  - act, deed, act (in a play) 
acción  - action, act, deed, share, stock 
hecho  - fact, event, act, action 
hazaña  - feat, exploit 
proeza  - feat, exploit 
escritura  - writing, handwriting, deed 
título  - title, degree, qualification, security, bond 
ceder  - to cede, to hand over, to yield, to give way, to diminish, to abate, to give in, to relent, to cave in, to back down 
transferir  - to transfer 
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